Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your queries and get closer with GainDeals

What is a Store?

A store is a shop provides goods & services for customers. A store can be any shop in the market such as departmental store, a hotel or a restaurant, a supermarket, a cinema theatre, a shopping mall, a medical shop or an automobile service center and etc.

What is a Deal? How can I create a deal?

A Deal can be a discount coupon, offer or ad banner used to promote your business. A Deal is created as part of sales promotion.

What are the pre-requisites to create a deal?

One should have created a store in GainDeals. Store Address should be available in google maps.. Please be sure that you provided accurate location of your store.

Who can create a Deal ?

The owner or manager of the store can create a Deal.

How can I trust a Deal ?

We provide you all the details of the deal such as its rating, reviews and history of the store owner. The Decision is all yours whether or not to go for the deal.

Can I place an order at GainDeals?

Currently, GainDeals does not receive any order. To claim the deal, you have to approach the store.

Can I make my opinion on the deal?

Yes, GainDeals collects your opinion in the form of thumbs up/down votes, ratings and comments. Your opinion will help others in choosing the right deal.

How GainDeals helps me?

GainDeals helps you in notifying Local offers/deals, food places, coffee shops, Movie theatres near to your current locations.

I am a vendor. How GainDeals helps me?

GainDeals help you in promoting your business locally by reaching out to many more customers through GainDeals Mobile App.

How is my store verified at GainDeals?

To verify your store, you are required to provide copies of your legal business documents. GainDeals team verifies your documents and marks your store as verified.

What is an Unverified Deal?

A deal is unverified if its store owner has not completed the store verification process.

What are categories?

Categories classify your deal. It tells us what goods or service the deal belongs to.

How can I mark a deal as inappropriate?

A deal can be flagged as inappropriate by tapping on the Flag icon in Deal details screen. Please mention a valid reason why the deal is inappropriate, so that the deal can be suspended until it becomes valid.